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Boyfriend: Available for immediate adoption into loving home.

Attention all single mothers with a current foster and adoptive homestudy,

The department is looking for a long term placement for Brad, a 32-year old single man who hopes to be adopted into a long-term relationship. Brad would thrive best in a home with one female partner.

When asked about what girlfriend would be best for him, Brad states that he wants someone "hot" who likes outdoor activities. Brad says he hopes his new family will not expect him to do the laundry, but notes that he is "totally a feminist", and is also really good at cooking, mostly on the grill.

Brad does not have any prior parenting experience but does have a clean criminal background check. He votes democratic, does want kids someday, and thinks foster care and adoption are "totally cool" and make you a "special person".

Brad's team is hoping that his new girlfriend will be understanding of his difficult past, and give him time to adjust to being in a relationship with a woman who actually has her shit together.

Now that TPR from his ex-wife has been granted, Brad is legally free for dating and marriage and can go to any state.

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